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With Sklar's talent, the new Au Cochon has real promise

Every once in a while something comes along that you just can't put into words. As a writer, this is what I like to call "not so bueno." It's not writer's block. There are just no words. So for as much as I hate the idea of shopping others words, I go to the Internet in hopes of being inspired. After a two-hour long search that included "What is French food?" and "Classic French cuisine" and "Thomas Keller on French cookery," I finally realized why there were no words. You cannot describe something that has yet to be defined. ...more>

For serious diners, Marais in Grosse Pointe is impressive

I've dined at some pretty classy places in my life. Most of them 20 plus years ago when I was just getting into this whole eating seriously thing. And though food was simpler then, I was still intimidated by the linen tablecloths, dessert carts and tuxedo clad waiters, waitresses and bartenders. ...more>

Central Kitchen + Bar worth a second visit when less busy

Maybe I'm not as in the know as I would like to think. Thankfully my editor is or else I would have never heard about Central Kitchen + Bar that lies in the heart of downtown Detroit. Dennis Archer Jr. and partners Ken Karem and Christopher Brochert took over what once was a bank in the First Federal building and turned it into one of the coolest, most contemporary open restaurants on Woodward. Ron & Roman once again are the design firm behind the neo-classical design which includes soft shades of grey and off white, artwork that features Old Detroit in the form of pictures, frames and industrial lights, and a mix of hard and soft between the concrete floors and wicker furniture on the patio. The interior design flows easily and prettily into the lobby and clearly pays homage to the Albert Kahn-inspired building....more>

Milford Village Bar & Kitchen a concept weak in translation

I often wonder how restaurant owners, chefs and diners talked about concepts and food before the terms "locally sourced" or "farm to table" came to be. Is it that diners were so uncaring, no one felt the need to talk about where their meal came from? If so, was it this sentiment that resulted in a group of emerging chefs eager to expose the beauty of fresh, local food and naturally fed proteins? Or did the surge of reality television shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef inspire diners to look a little deeper into what they were eating?  ...more>

The Laundry in Fenton worth the drive at any time

Mark Hamel and Chad Brennan in 1997 opened a small cafe and market called The French Laundry in Fenton. Yes, Fenton. And though many naysayed the idea of this concept catching fire in the sleepy town of 11,500, catch fire it did.  ...more>
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